Abortion Ordinance Update

Help Protect Abortion Access in Bristol Virginia! Krystal_City_Council.jpg

Anti-abortion extremists are at it again. The Family Foundation, a conservative and Christian fundamentalist lobbying organization based in Richmond is leading an attempt to pass an ordinance that would make Bristol "A Safe Zone for Life". In their own words "The proposed pro-life zoning measure will make it practically impossible for new facilities to relocate within the City of Bristol."

This is the third attempt to pass an ordinance restricting abortion access in Bristol, and the third time SLAAP members have organized a response to protect our right to abortion care.

SLAAP needs your help to stand against these out-of-town and out of touch zealots who thinks they can push their extremist viewpoints on Bristol.  Here's how you can stand with us:

  • If you are local, people join us at 5pm on Tuesday, August 8th outside the Bristol City Council building at 300 Lee St. We’ll stand peacefully with t-shirts, signs, and determination. More info here.
  • If you are a Bristol VA resident, consider speaking out against this ordinance during the meeting. Contact us at [email protected] if you'd like information on how to do this, or talking points.  Thankfully, four SLAAP board members as Bristol VA residents are eligible to speak.
  • If you aren't local, please promote SLAAP on Facebook and Instagram to help us build a support base.
  • Your donation will help us continue to protect abortion access in Southwest VA.